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Sleep, it’s always on my mind….

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So I JUST had a baby.  Lil man is now 3 weeks old, wow.  I haven’t slept in like 3 weeks how the heck am I still standing?!  Haha, okay so I’ve napped in between feedings.

In the short time he’s arrived we’ve managed to survive breastfeeding, Christmas, a broken dryer,  me getting a cold, and a family wide stomach flu.  Lil man did not get sick, this I attribute to the power of prayer!  Oh, and it was our turn to host New Years eve!  Let’s just say we have amazing friends, they stayed to the end and it didn’t faze them at all.  We love them and the support they give us, this momma needed their company!

So you would think I would just sit and focus solely on my new bundle of joy now that things have settled down a bit.  I mean hubby is taking on a lot of the household chores.   Nope.  I have 2 kiddos that need my constant attention, a business to run, loads of studying to do for my next real estate exam, this blog and well so many more task.  Ah, well sleep can wait a bit longer!  Right?!

Until then I’m going to tuck my kids in, have a glass of wine, and not look at the mess hubby made in the kitchen.   Oh, but is the food gonna go bad.  Should I maybe just peek at it?  See I’m doing it again!  Haha, oh well it is what it is.  I’ll sleep at some point this year, just maybe not tonight…