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Dealing with my Picky Eater

My little is a picky eater, like if it wasn’t for those sidekick shakes she’d starve herself! This wasn’t always the case, I blame the terrible 3’s.   I mean I’ve exhausted my avenues of what to make her, until one day I had a brilliant idea.  Why not let her make her own food?!  Now she’s 3 so it’s not like I’d have her make soufflés…well not yet at least.   So onto Pinterest I went, searching for kid approved recipes that were simple enough she could help.  Today was our first attempt at my ingenious idea!  Let’s see how this unfolds….

After searching and searching I decided on this recipe for Mini Muffin Hotdogs.  I of course tweaked it a bit by adding cheese, frozen corn, and of course only Hebrew National hotdogs (that’s a whole other blog post).  After bathing and putting li’l man down for his nap, I quickly gathered the ingredients and called li’l miss to the kitchen.  Now she was beyond thrilled to be A.) Baking and of course B.) Getting solo mommy time.  Deep breath, fingers crossed, we dove right in.   After measuring, mixing, and not so patiently waiting our lunch was ready!  I plated our food, held my breath, and watched her eagerly.    OMG, do my eyes deceive me?!  Is she actually not resisting?!  Was that a bite AND a smile?!  Success!!!!  Now this is simply our first attempt and I’m sure there may be some things she won’t be interested in, but today well today I’m going to just revel in this moment!

After such success, I decided to take it a bit further and we also made gateu au yauort (yogurt cake) from the book Bringing up Bebe.   Yummy and why did I wait so long to make this with her?!  The book is great, but the cake is waaay good!  Now our cake did not come out as pretty, but it was good.  Also, I probably should have made it in a round cake pan or split it up into two loaf pans…but hey you live and learn!

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

I would absolutely love your suggestions, what do you make or how do you get your li’l ones to eat?