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About AMacias

I’m a kookoo bird of a wife, mother, career woman, etc…. I’m just a typical gal living my life with a smile and so much randomness in my head I just have to get it out somewhere! So on that note, welcome and allow me to further introduce myself.

Lord here my prayer…

Tomorrow is such a big day, our little man is going in for surgery.  He will have tubes placed in his ears and drainage removed.  It’s pretty common, but I can’t help but be a nervous wreck.  All the scenarios are running through my mind.  My worst fears are haunting me….


Today I will hug my little boy and comfort him in every way I can, just as I always do.  Today I won’t think about tomorrow.  Today I will just be his mom as I always am.  Today I will cry when no one is looking and praying that tomorrow will be just fine.


We are no stranger to this, our little girl had the same procedure when she was about his age.  I am having the same feelings I did back then.  I can’t seem to shake them.  Having your little one put under is just scary….


So here I am, attempting to be a strong unwavering momma bear.  Secretly I’m a shakey sobby mess.  I know it will turn out okay, but I can’t help to think about the “what if”.  So today will be today and tomorrow will be whatever tomorrow is supposed to be, and another road will be laid before us.  We leave this up to God and his ultimate plan for us.  Please keep my little man in your thoughts and prayers.








Hitting the snooze button…

Well, I did it!  I am now a licensed Real Estate Agent, pending a broker. This has been a very long journey, with more breaks then I ever anticipated!


I originally started this journey when I was pregnant with my first child.  So yeah, like 5 years ago!  I knew I wanted to be an Agent but I also knew that I needed to know more about real estate in general.  I had been a Mortgage Processer since I was 18, I started out as a receptionist and gradually moved into the position. After the market crashed, I found myself working in title as a Relocation Specialist.  Basically I worked up equity for properties nationwide.  It was during this time I gained the knowledge that I had been missing.   My passion for truly wanting to help make the process of selling and buying as painless as possible is what drove me.  Imagine your employer needs you to relocate across the country, sell your home and uproot your family.  Can you imagine all the stress?  I knew I wanted to do more than just work up equity.  I wanted to actually be on the front line, helping to make it just a little bit easier.


Once we found out that little man was on his way, that’s when it finally became a reality.  I would one day be an Agent.  What we didn’t realize was that it was going to take just a little bit longer.  Little man suffers with chronic ear infections, literally 1 to 2 infections a month since he was 3 months old.  So after taking all my classes and before we knew he would have this happen to him, we decided that I would work for a year and purse my dreams of Realtor part-time.  As life would have it, our plan didn’t go as planned.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, here we are. Little man needed more attention and ultimately that’s what comes first.  Thankfully he’s doing much better and will have surgery to ease his pain very soon.


I can’t help to think that all these obstacles, all these reasons to put this plan on hold, was all part of God’s divine plan.   Little man has been such a blessing and being able to be home with him has been such a joy.  This journey has been worth every moment and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

The Hat


Today I found a hat….


Okay not just any hat!  It’s a big floppy hat, a black and white floppy hat, a hat that I can totally see myself rocking all summer.  I was in the .99 cent store picking up supplies for my home office and low and behold this gorgeous hat is sitting on a shelf waiting for me to take it home.  I mean seriously it was a steal!  I swear this hat screamed!  It’s a very demanding hat.  As soon as I brought it home all craziness ceased as The Hat demanded a selfie!  The Hat also demanded a video, and finally a cocktail!  As if I didn’t already have enough task to accomplish!!  Bossy Hat!


So why has this Hat completely taken over my day?  Well friends, it is not often I get to splurge on fashion.  I mean being a SAHM has its perks, but fashion sadly has not been one of them.  A trip to target is about all I get these days.  Having to lug a toddler into Neiman Marcus is not what I call fun!  Speaking of which, I cannot believe I now have a toddler.  When I started this blog, he was 5 days old!  Wow, where did the time go?!


Now that I’ve found the perfect summer hat, I can now pair it with the most perfect summer dress!  Oh did I forget to mention the dress?  Well sit back and try not fall over….it’s only $8 before s&h!!!  I know, seriously don’t fall off that chair.



All that’s missing is a cocktail and a full time nanny!


God 1st, Family 2nd, Career 3rd

Years ago I joined a direct sales company, Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I was fresh out of high school and didn’t know what I wanted to do next.  No college for me, at least not at that time.  At the time I had a husband, no children and was just struggling to make ends meet.  (Yes I married young)  Mary Kay preached God first, family second, and career third.  I would silently roll my eyes each time this came up in our meetings.  To me it was ALWAYS, career first!  How fast can I make money?!

Now let’s fast forward a few years, I’m a wife and mother.  I spent years working myself up the corporate ladder, leaving my children’s precious moments to be enjoyed by strangers.  Their first steps, first words, first kisses and hugs.  For what?  So that I could succeed in a company and make a better life for us.  Bigger house, better schools, more experiences.  It was still CAREER first!!  Oh if I could only slap myself into reality.

As my 2nd child goes on to his next phase in life, the Toddler years, I realized right there and then how much I have missed.  By the time he turned 6 months I was juggling new work hours, new school drop off times, and more pressure from the office.  I was already showing signs of breakdown.  Then he has his first ear infection, recovers, and has another 2 weeks later, the cycle is unending.  Sound familiar?  Speaking with other mom’s it is pretty common.  In fact I had gone thru the same with my eldest not too long ago, inserting tubes and removing her adenoids corrected this.  I shrugged, prepared for the familiar steps and went back to work.  See CAREER first, again!

Then it hit me, I made a mistake at work.  Pretty big, but somewhat fixable, I hope…  I don’t make mistakes.  Okay I do but not ever this big.  The baby had been sick for the last few weeks.  Then my eldest, then me.  They both were put on a nebulizer, yet again a common occurrence in our household.  After little sleep I realized that this is not the “better” life I had wanted for my children.  An absent work crazed sleep deprived mother?  No, not the life at all.

After some deep soul searching I realized, I was doing this all wrong.  That Mary Kay sure knows what she was talking about!  I reread her book and it is so inspiring.  Duh!  It’s so simple!  GOD first, Family second, and Career third!

Now my relationship with God hasn’t always been as glamourous as you might think.  It has been a rollercoaster!  When I was younger at one point I wanted to be a nun.  As you can see he had a different path for me.  I married young, a few years later he was in a car accident and didn’t make it.  I was left a widow, with no children and he was an only child.  I blamed God, then I blamed the other driver, and then myself.  It was a dark few years.  Then I prayed, I prayed, and I prayed to find happiness.  Low and behold a random night out led me to my Husband of today.  I thanked God.  He was back in my life but always in the back of the line.

So now let’s focus on today.  I left my job, it was a pretty sweet one too.  My husband and I agreed that my stress from juggling everything and making everyone as happy as possible, bleeds into the rest of the house.  My stress caused everyone to walk around on egg shells.  “Don’t look it in the eye” I heard by hubby tell our 4 year old.  That “it” was me.  My last day was this Friday.

What is my plan you may ask?  Well it’s to put my life back in order.  To put what is important first, my faith in God.  My Family’s needs.  My career? Well that can wait.  I have little ones that need me.  We have memories to make!

This new “life” won’t be easy.  We’ll have financial struggles to deal with and lots of adjusting.  “What do you mean we can’t have a cleaning lady?!” , “you want me to clean, cook, and keep our kids alive?”…it’s going to be interesting.  BUT!  I have this blog to keep me sane.

SuperMom I am NOT!


Did you ever wonder how many things you can fill your plate with until you and the plate fall?  I’m an ambitions Momma, but I am not Super Woman.  I like to think I am, I like to think that there is nothing that I can’t do.  BUT, I stubble, I trip, and I fall.  Sometimes I fall hard and it hurts so much that I hold it in so others will not see.  …and I’m okay with this.

So while I write this, my 2 month old is napping, my 3.5yr old is at school, and dinner is yet to be made.  I’ve been studying all morning because I believe I can do it.  I believe that I will pass my test and I will be a Realtor.  I have a pile of laundry, dishes over flowing, and floors that need a good scrubbing.  Those things can wait, my house will be in shambles while I continue to do what I do what is necessary.  Study, strive to be the best that I can be so that my children can say “That’s MY Mommy” and be as proud as I am.

See, I learned a long time ago that life is way too short for regrets.  I still fill my plate with too many things at once, I still believe there is nothing I can’t do.  So here is to all the tired Momma’s, to all the strong willed parents that struggle each and every day and put their best foot forward.  Our children are our everything, and there is little we would not do.

Sleep, it’s always on my mind….

photo 1

So I JUST had a baby.  Lil man is now 3 weeks old, wow.  I haven’t slept in like 3 weeks how the heck am I still standing?!  Haha, okay so I’ve napped in between feedings.

In the short time he’s arrived we’ve managed to survive breastfeeding, Christmas, a broken dryer,  me getting a cold, and a family wide stomach flu.  Lil man did not get sick, this I attribute to the power of prayer!  Oh, and it was our turn to host New Years eve!  Let’s just say we have amazing friends, they stayed to the end and it didn’t faze them at all.  We love them and the support they give us, this momma needed their company!

So you would think I would just sit and focus solely on my new bundle of joy now that things have settled down a bit.  I mean hubby is taking on a lot of the household chores.   Nope.  I have 2 kiddos that need my constant attention, a business to run, loads of studying to do for my next real estate exam, this blog and well so many more task.  Ah, well sleep can wait a bit longer!  Right?!

Until then I’m going to tuck my kids in, have a glass of wine, and not look at the mess hubby made in the kitchen.   Oh, but is the food gonna go bad.  Should I maybe just peek at it?  See I’m doing it again!  Haha, oh well it is what it is.  I’ll sleep at some point this year, just maybe not tonight…



Dealing with my Picky Eater

My little is a picky eater, like if it wasn’t for those sidekick shakes she’d starve herself! This wasn’t always the case, I blame the terrible 3’s.   I mean I’ve exhausted my avenues of what to make her, until one day I had a brilliant idea.  Why not let her make her own food?!  Now she’s 3 so it’s not like I’d have her make soufflés…well not yet at least.   So onto Pinterest I went, searching for kid approved recipes that were simple enough she could help.  Today was our first attempt at my ingenious idea!  Let’s see how this unfolds….

After searching and searching I decided on this recipe for Mini Muffin Hotdogs.  I of course tweaked it a bit by adding cheese, frozen corn, and of course only Hebrew National hotdogs (that’s a whole other blog post).  After bathing and putting li’l man down for his nap, I quickly gathered the ingredients and called li’l miss to the kitchen.  Now she was beyond thrilled to be A.) Baking and of course B.) Getting solo mommy time.  Deep breath, fingers crossed, we dove right in.   After measuring, mixing, and not so patiently waiting our lunch was ready!  I plated our food, held my breath, and watched her eagerly.    OMG, do my eyes deceive me?!  Is she actually not resisting?!  Was that a bite AND a smile?!  Success!!!!  Now this is simply our first attempt and I’m sure there may be some things she won’t be interested in, but today well today I’m going to just revel in this moment!

After such success, I decided to take it a bit further and we also made gateu au yauort (yogurt cake) from the book Bringing up Bebe.   Yummy and why did I wait so long to make this with her?!  The book is great, but the cake is waaay good!  Now our cake did not come out as pretty, but it was good.  Also, I probably should have made it in a round cake pan or split it up into two loaf pans…but hey you live and learn!

photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

I would absolutely love your suggestions, what do you make or how do you get your li’l ones to eat?