SuperMom I am NOT!


Did you ever wonder how many things you can fill your plate with until you and the plate fall?  I’m an ambitions Momma, but I am not Super Woman.  I like to think I am, I like to think that there is nothing that I can’t do.  BUT, I stubble, I trip, and I fall.  Sometimes I fall hard and it hurts so much that I hold it in so others will not see.  …and I’m okay with this.

So while I write this, my 2 month old is napping, my 3.5yr old is at school, and dinner is yet to be made.  I’ve been studying all morning because I believe I can do it.  I believe that I will pass my test and I will be a Realtor.  I have a pile of laundry, dishes over flowing, and floors that need a good scrubbing.  Those things can wait, my house will be in shambles while I continue to do what I do what is necessary.  Study, strive to be the best that I can be so that my children can say “That’s MY Mommy” and be as proud as I am.

See, I learned a long time ago that life is way too short for regrets.  I still fill my plate with too many things at once, I still believe there is nothing I can’t do.  So here is to all the tired Momma’s, to all the strong willed parents that struggle each and every day and put their best foot forward.  Our children are our everything, and there is little we would not do.


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